Gloria Port Wine

Portugal’s most famous wine

Port Wine is an internationally known Portuguese wine produced exclusively in the demarked Douro region in Northern Portugal. It’s a fortified semi-sweet red wine, where dense fruit flavours meet chocolate. Shall we say anymore?

Tasting Notes


Dense red fruit and hints of tar and chocolate.


Ripe black fruits, with strong flavour marked by the firm tannins.

Enjoy with

An appetizer, Main course, Desert

Eng Vicente Portrait

Our Winemaker

His name is Vicente Leite de Faria and few people know wine making like him.

After completing a degree in Agricultural Engineering in Portugal, he moved to France and enrolled in University of Bordeaux to learn even more about enology and wine making.

He worked in Bordeaux with world famous winemakers in different French Chateaux’s where he learned the ancient French wine making techniques.

He returned to University to complete a post-graduate degree in wine marketing and was hired by Aveleda S.A. as head of enology where he oversaw the direct production of 13,000,000 bottles of wine per year.

In the last 30 years, Vicente has produced more than 250,000,000 bottles of wine.

Vicente Leite de Faria

Wine Maker

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